What is Backlink And How to Create Backlinks

Searching for Backlinks??? You are at the right place.

Backlinks (A Confusing term) for every Newbie.

Guys, just don’t worry I am here to help you.

Let me start with my story, when I was a newbie, I always used to search

How to improve my google search engine ranking ??

How to gain more visitors ??

And I always come up with the term Backlinks.

I know this is the case with you too ?? Right!!

So, here I will explain the term in the easiest way I can  —

The link of your website on some other website, which directs their users to your website is a backlink.”

For example –

I have a website named Azuba-dekho.com And I want to create a Backlink for this site so what I will do is simply drop the URL of my website to some other website suppose makemoneyonli9.com so that the users of makemoneyonli9.com when clicks on the URL of my site will simply get directed to my site.

Also, when you are building Backlinks Remember that you need to build a quality Backlink, not a quantity of Backlinks.

Now, you would be thinking that what is quality backlinks and quantity backlink.

Quality backlinks are that backlinks which come from high-quality websites and also follow similar interests as yours.

For example :

If you are having a website about cars and you are building links on the website about motorcycles, then it is useless.


if you want quality backlinks you should build links on websites of cars.

Remember :-

The Better will be your Quality backlink , the best will be your search engine ranking

In short,

Create links to that website which follow similar interest as yours not just pick up the bundle of websites and start creating links.


If you want to improve your Google search engine ranking then you need to create links to each individual pages and posts along with your homepage or domain.

How to create backlinks:-

Creating Backlinks was never so easy and that of quality makes it more difficult.

but here I will tell you the easiest way by which you can easily create backlinks of your niche for free.

1.  Commenting – commenting is the best way of making backlinks, comment with a link of a blog on some other blog to do commenting.


2. Creating quality content – If your content is a quality content then everyone will obviously refer to your site for your content.


3. Interlinking – Interlinking your blog post is very important. It helps readers to engage in your older posts too.


4. Creating youtube videos and including links in it.


5. Participation in discussion board If you are active in a discussion board such as Quora and answering people’s need, you will be surely rewarded with many backlinks.

This is all you need to know. If you have any queries related to backlinks you can comment below and tell me, I will surely help you.

Thank you, so much for joining us. Have a good day.











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