Paytm offer : Get Rs 50 Cashback on Rs 50 Recharge (All Users)

Hello guys , thanks for visiting . I am here with the paytm offer which is going to give you Rs 50 Cashback on Rs 50 recharge.  

We are here to help you And will increase your earning as much as we can .

Rs 50 Cashback on Rs 50 Recharge 

Hello guys , we are here with paytm promo-code which will give you Rs 50 Cashback for free .

 You just need to follow below steps :

1. Open your paytm App .

2. Then login / signup to your account .

3. Next go to your Prepaid Recharge 

4. Enter your Number And Enter Rs 50 as a Amount .

5. ( Remember don’t click on Fast Forward if you are having Rs 50 on your paytm wallet otherwise ” Apply Promo-code ” will not appear .

6. Now Apply Promo-code RECH50

7. Congratulations you are Eligible for Rs 50 Cashback .

You can also check Screen Shot of my own recharge .

Note that you will receive promo-code within 24 hours .

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Thank you guys hope you will enjoy the promo-code and paytm recharge offer .


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