What is Electroneum And How to mine it for free

Hello guys , How are u all ?? Welcome to the brand new page Azuba-dekho.com . So it is so long since i have posted any trick on free earning .

Today i am going to share you a part of most interesting topic ie Crypto-Currency Today i am going to talk about Electroneum (A mobile based crypto-currency).

So ,


Electroneum is a new british crypto-currency launched via initial coin offering (ICO) . It is built on its own unique blockchain . Electroneum is developed so that it can be used in Mobile gaming and online gambling markets .

It is user friendly with Wallet management and most easy thing about it is that Electroneum mining  can be done easily by our Smart phones .

It is easily to manage by its Official App👇👇:

       Electroneum App       

Its mobile App is highly secure and instant transaction can be done through our Smartphones .

Richard Ells has founded the Elctroneum , who is also a experienced  tech entrepreneur .

Elctroneum has a maximum coin supply of 21 billion and can have a transaction upto two decimal places .

Electroneum can be generated by the Electroneum mobile miner app running in the background

Its official website is http://Electroneum.com .

Electroneum claims to be a powerful investment opportunity that will almost certainly increase in value .


How to mine Electroneum :-

Electroneum is the first crypto-currency that allows users to mine it with smartphones . This allows million of users to mine it with their Smart phones .

Electroneum mobile miner is launched on 5 march 2018 .

Mining Electroneum is very easy just follow the steps below :-

1. Download the app .

2. Create your Electroneum account .

3. After creating your account ,  Go to Miner tab as shown below and click Start Mining .

Your phone will now Start mining Electroneum and it will show your Hash rate ( Speed at which your device is mining and also your pending balance .

4. You can also stop it when you want by just clicking Stop mining as shown below 👇👇 :

Hope you all have enjoyed it . Thanks for your love and support .

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