Hello, guys welcome to today we are talking about bitcoin.
According to me the only thing you need to know about bitcoin is how to trade Bitcoin and how to earn profit from it.
But still i will tell you “what is bitcoin ” and answer all your questions regarding trading and earning .
So , first of all we will look :-


What is bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and world wide payment system . It is decentralized currency as system works without central bank . The network is peer-to-peer and transaction takes place between users directly.
Bitcoin was invented by unknown person or a group of person under the name Satoshi Nakamoto .
Its official website is


How to trade bitcoin :

Bitcoin is traded by different exchanges such as Bitstamp ( , Bitfinex ( ) , Coinbase ( ) , kraken ( ) , and many more .
Trading is done by buying bitcoin from exchanges when its price is low and selling when its price is high , selling in high price leads to profit .


Bitcoin exchanges in India

Zebpay ( available in both Android app and website ) , unocoin ( same as zebpay ) , coinome (present in website), koinex .


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