How to Predict the price of Crypto-Currency by yourself

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Guys , Today i am going to tell you the easiest way by which you will be able to predict that bitcoin will rise in its value or simply fall .

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So , Coming up to the main topic 

Friends , As a regular investor of crypto-currency (Bitcoins & Altcoins ) or a intrest keeper in crypto-currency , we must be familiar with the word Crypto Market Cap .

If you are not familiar with Crypto Market Cap let me explain it .

Crypto Market Cap is the Total market value of the the crypto-currency or in other words the value of the total crypto-currency .

To help you predict of the price of Crypto-Currency violation , you just need to analyse two things  :-

  1. Crypto Market Cap (TMC)
  2. Volume 

Price prediction is completely dependent on the above two factor :-

To finally predict the price of the crypto (bitcoin or altcoins ) you must remember four points described below :–

If the TMC (Total Market cap ) and volume both rises then the price of crypto-currency will surely rise .

* If the TMC is decreasing and volume is increasing then the price of crypto-currency will increase .

* If the TMC is going up i.e increasing and volume is decreasing then after a certain period of time price of crypto-currency will surely decrease .

* If the TMC is down and the volume is down as well then also the price of crypto-currency will decrease .

The above four golden points will surely help you a lot in making high profits in daily trading and price prediction .

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